Our approach to COVID-19 precautions is dynamic, taking into consideration the recommendations made by public health authorities and the Diocese of Chicago.

Masks are not currently required, but some people choose to wear them.

While we are not currently enforcing social distancing, we do have pews set aside for this if you would find them more comfortable. Please look in the rear of the church where pews are roped off.

We are distributing Communion in both the bread and the wine. We recently brought back the common cup, aka "chalice", as an option. Or you may receive your wine in a compostable, single-use cup which is carefully rinsed out into the piscina (a sink which drains directly into the ground) before going into the municipal composting system.

Our sanctuary HVAC system runs all of the air through a GPS-iMOD ionizing air purification system. This reduces particles and odors but more importantly kills pathogens.

Of course, if you still aren't comfortable attending in person, we totally understand! Please consider participating remotely through our live-streaming options.