York Minster Organ Project


So how does it sound when an organ that is ready for restoration dies? Listen to this BBC Radio program recorded live at York Minster. The death occurs around the 41 minute mark. Start before then - listen to the beauty of the instrument. Then silence. Then a few squeaks and grunts (turn volume up to hear). Then nothing. Around the 43 minute mark the announcer says something is wrong and they switch to prerecorded programming.

Coincidentally, just one of their Historic Pipe Organs is due for a major refurbishment costing 2m British Pounds Sterling (approx $2.6m). For more information on their project please use the link below.


or https://www.minsterfm.com/news/local/2563100/grand-organ-to-undergo-once-a-century-refurbishment/

York Minster’s Grand Organ will undergo a major, £2m refurbishment this autumn, the first on this scale since 1903.

The instrument, which has pipes dating back to 1834, will be removed – including nearly all 5263 pipes – and taken to Durham for repair and refurbishment by organ specialists Harrison and Harrison.

The organ plays a key part in the cathedral’s services, providing the heartbeat at the centre of daily worship within the church, and this once-in-a-century refurbishment will ensure it continues to allow world-class music to be performed at the cathedral for the next 100 years.

Our Organist and music director, plays to the strengths of our Organ, not its weaknesses, but finds it increasingly difficult to avoid 'the duff' notes/pipes/reeds.   So... many think our organ sounds just fine. It isn't. 

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This project and their campaign is uncannily similar to our own Pipe Organ Project, just on a smaller scale.

We need you to help with our Pipe Organ Restoration Project

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